A Gorgeous Gloom

a gorgeous gloom

Dripping wet from a heavy reign, in love with the idea of you loving her starving soul, she tripped and fell in slo-o-o-w mo-o-o-tion. . .

My Top 3 Supplements To Promote Naturally Beautiful Skin From Within

my top 3 supplements to promote naturally beautiful skin from within

Beauty come from within. Really though—clichés aside, beauty does start with a healthy body and mind. That’s why my top beauty products include supplements like probiotics and omega-3s from fish oil. I love makeup as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing like going foundation-free when your skin is absolutely glowing!

A Yearning Betwixt The Powers That Be

a yearning betwixt the powers that be

A gorgeous gloom became her so she passed the time translating pain into prose. She dresses the wound clumsily with white Chantilly lace, smiles back black tears, and lets herself grow accustomed. She doesn’t believe she deserves this. Chaos and coincidence govern this world, regardless of whether it lines up with one’s personal beliefs. Even she knows that.