Waking Up On The Beach

waking up on the beach

Where am I? I have no loss of memory, and yet somehow it’s hard to pinpoint just where I went wrong. Death by a thousand cuts. I can think of a handful of innocuous moments when I did what I wanted instead of what I knew in my heart I needed. My soul suffered for it. And now here I am, alone on this stupid beach, nowhere in particular I need or want to be.

Tropigoth In Swing

tropigoth in swing

If I’m being perfectly honest, I only invoke the beanie on particularly bad hair days. This occasion was no exception: with overgrown roots and an unreasonably strong ocean breeze, I donned the only beanie I’ve ever owned and tried to make it work.

Valentine’s Day Color Guide: What Is Your Dress Saying About You?

valentine’s day color guide: what is your dress saying about you?

Whether you’re in a happily committed relationship or making plans with your latest fling, you’ll definitely want to look your absolute best for your date this Valentine’s Day. Something skimpy, something red, something lace to knock him dead!

Find our what the color of your Valentine’s Day dress is telling your date and get inspired with 5 affordable dresses ideal for your upcoming Valentine’s Day date: