Styling A Shirtdress For A Casual Summer Look

styling a shirtdress for a casual summer look

I picked this white shirtdress up from a thrift store a long while back (we’re talking 4+ years ago) and yet, I hardly ever got around to wearing it. I guess it just goes to show how I have a tendency to hold on to things that I don’t really need. But I’m not a hoarder… really, I’m not! It’s just that I often develop a connection to my clothes, shoes, and jewelry, and then it becomes hard to let the piece go until I feel I’ve used it to it’s fullest potential.

Bad Case Of The “fuck-its”? Terribly Odd Caters To Social’s Most Ignored Part Of The Human Experience

bad case of the “fuck-its”? Terribly Odd caters to social’s most ignored part of the human experience

On the low, I promised myself I would inject more honesty and relatable experiences into my blog posts. Even if this is ‘just a fashion blog’, the truth is that Creation Despite is a passion project born of the need to have something wholly my own. Another truth? I am predisposed to bouts of depression, along with an estimated 350 million others. Fortunately, I laugh easily and am quick to be inspired. Blogging has been the perfect mechanism by which I’m able to raise myself from the doldrums time and time again… after all, my traffic will die if I don’t post anything every week or so! That is enough to motivate me to stop sulking and get the creative juices flowing on a regular basis.