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With my first video tutorial, I’m sharing my secret methods for cleansing and moisturizing dry sensitive skin, including a Jenu Ultrasonic Infuser Review!

PLUS, watch how I go from the dull, itchy, and tired-looking face I wake up with to borderline-presentable right before your very eyes!!!

All made possible thanks to the best organic skincare ingredients and a cutting-edge beauty routine.

The JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser is an incredible tool capable of increasing the absorption of skincare products by up to 600%.

But all that means nothing without a proper skincare routine to prepare your skin for the ultrasound device.

That’s because your skin must be cleansed and your moisturizers applied before JeNu can do it’s work.

Still, this is my personal skincare routine that I used specifically to cope with my dry skin in the winter, so feel free to make whatever modifications and substitutions you’d like!

JeNu Prep – Step 1: Cleanse & Purify

Diving right in here, I always start off by splashing lukewarm water on to my face… water that’s too hot or too cold can contribute to dry skin and irritation.

Then I’m gonna squeeze out some of this purifying charcoal cleanser– and get my purification on!

The derma|e purifying gel cleanser is my favorite right now because it’s mild yet effective, and can be used to gently cleanse while treating with Retin-A.

My skin tolerates it well, probably because it’s all-natural.

There’s no irritating salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide like you’d find in most drug store cleansers.

Charcoal is something I don’t use every day, but I’ll use it in the mornings when I need to refresh my skin.

For best results, use it in the shower, maybe right after a workout where your pores are open so you can get a real deep and purifying clean.

And I can’t stress this enough:

Whenever you rinse your face and dry it off, you should really just be patting your face dry ever so gently.

Be careful not to over-dry your face or rub it raw with a towel, cause you’re really just doing a lot of unnecessary damage when you do that.

JeNu Prep – Step 2: Rehydrate & Detoxify

Next up is the purifying oil-free moisturizer which is also enriched with activated charcoal.

Like all other dermae products, it’s totally organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, etc etc– and the high-quality of their ingredients really makes a difference.

The only thing I would say is make sure your skin absorbs all of this product before you move on…

Especially my fellow blondes– or else you’ll end up with this charcoal residue in your hairline… yeah definitely not a good look.

(We’re not gonna have that problem today since I’ll be sealing everything with the JeNu Plus Infuser!)

JeNu Prep – Step 3: Treat & Prevent

Aczone is a prescription-strength acne medication which I got through Yoderm, a platform for online dermatologist consults.

One of the hardest problems I’ve had with my skin is keeping up with the dermatologist appointments necessary to get my prescriptions filled.

So it’s a good feeling knowing that now I can consult my doctor directly from my phone whenever I need a refill.

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JeNu Prep – Step 4: Moisturize Deeply

I’m gonna use the DMAE firming eye lift and the hydrating night creme from derma|e next.

These are heavy ultra-moisturizing creams so if you have oily skin this may not be the right kind of thing for you.

But I have really dry skin, and using these in the morning actually helps me to stay moisturized throughout the day.

So even though they say they’re ‘night time creams’ you can pretty much use it whenever you want to.

When you’re moisturizing too, I would recommend using a very gentle touch and just barely rubbing the moisturizer into the delicate skin on your face.

So we’re purified, we’re moisturized, we’re feeling good.


How do we know that any of these products are even penetrating the deepest layers of our skin, where we really need it?

JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser – Step 5: Absorb Skincare Products up to 6x Better

Now I finally get to use the JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser–

And it’s the actually easiest step, since the technology does almost all the work!

After applying a little of the microsphere conductive gel that comes with it directly to the applicator, you simply press the on button and it begins vibrating on a 60 second timer.

Then you gently apply the gel to your skin in slow, circular movements.

This is important, because the microsphere gel acts as a vehicle for the ultrasound to travel through–

Without the gel, the JeNu doesn’t really work.

You dedicate 60 seconds to each section of your face you wish to treat.

Personally, I do my forehead, left side, right side, and chin in that order.

By the end of it, your skin looks and feels amazing!

And best of all?

There’s no cleanup!

You simply wipe the JeNu tool clean and it’s ready for the next use.

See how it works here:

Below you’ll find links with information on each of the products mentioned in this video, some of which are affiliate links.


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