Come along for the ride through the Loreal Colorista Wash Out with friends Emilee Miller and Raelynn’s Roulette.

The Loreal Colorista Wash Out event on Sunset Blvd. conveniently coincided with my birthday earlier this month.

It was a really hot weekend, so I knew I wanted to show some skin and keep my hair up…

I balanced a crochet bikini top with statement white wide leg pants, a major trend right now that unites fashion & feminism (two of my favorite things.)

Heart-shaped sunglasses give the whole look a kind of 70’s vibe, and the side bun worked out surprisingly well for me – I usually hate to wear my hair up.

It was a crazy fun event complete with classic cars in pastel paint jobs, a trampoline with glitter set up for slow motion video recording, and hair dying stations where you could try the new Loreal Colorista semi permanent dye.

Wide Leg Pants Summer Style Loreal LAL’Oréal Colorista Launch Party Recap – What We Wore

Remember what I said about wide leg pants and millennial pink for this summer’s fashion trends?

Well I’m definitely practicing what I preach.

This was a daring outfit but it totally paid off, especially when Emilee Miller showed up in a complementary get-up.

Her high-waisted pants and crop top combination is a totally unique yet stylishly parallel to my own wide leg pants outfit – as they say, great minds think alike.

See for yourself, are we not twins?

Boreal Colorista Launch Party with Model Emilee Miller

Platinum Power: A Brief History

Emilee Miller is a friend of mine from a few years ago when I was working for a makeup brand focused around the lifestyle of a model.

It was a great job actually, and Emilee Miller was a winner of one of our company’s modeling contests.

I had the pleasure of meeting her in person years ago when she first got her start as a model.

Now she’s moved out to Los Angeles to live the dream of a working fashion model – and she’s still as sweet as the day I met her!

Loreal Colorista - Emilee Miller - Brandon Lundby

Beauty Photography by Brandon Lundby

What About The L’Oréal Colorista Semi Permanent Dye?

As you can probably tell, we didn’t actually try the L’Oréal Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Dye yet.

Emilee and I both agreed that to put any color onto our platinum hair was a major risk, since it could stain or tint the hair.

When your hair is bleached platinum blonde, it can be so hard to maintain the tone since it absorbs and bounces color so easily.

Suffice it to say, I’m gonna have to work up the confidence to test some L’Oréal Colorista pastel dye on my ends…

Maybe a new Youtube video is in order?

Platinum Blonde Hair - Los Angeles Bloggers

Videos from the L’Oréal Colorista Launch Party in Los Angeles

L’Oréal Colorista Glitter Trampoline

My  Instagram Story @creationdespite

The 20-Second Pose Rotation

Shop This Post – L’Oréal Colorista Dyes & Outfits

Styled by Caitlyn

Pastel Hair Dye – Purple

Pastel Hair Dye – Light Pink

Striped Wide Leg Pants

Crochet Crop Topsimilar

Kiss Earrings – FUZZ Jewelry

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Styled by Emilee

Semi Permanent Dye – Pink

Semi Permanent Dye – Light Pink

70’s Pink High Waisted Pants – similar

Strappy Black Top – similar

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