Before listing the many natural remedies that easily outshine Windex, I would like to point out the very important phrase, “everything in moderation.”

Natural Remedies & Cures

What I mean by that is anything including water (life’s most important life source) in excess can kill or turn out being unhealthy for you.

The most important thing anyone should know before trying natural remedies or the advice of others is this:

No one knows more about you than you.

8 Natural Remedies & Cures That Really Work

Meditate and/or be aware of your own body, mind and emotions.

Be aware of what stresses you or might cause severe allergic or negative reactions; what relaxes you or causes you to be most happy.

Every dosage is based on an average or max amount one should take…

That does not have to be you, sometimes half a multivitamin can make me nauseous so I do half every other day or look for multivitamins with smaller percentages because our bodies cannot absorb 100-1000 percent of any vitamin.

Listen to all the advice, but keep yourself in mind and adjust it to you.

Think of it like a cover to a song.

Same song but different and unique style of singing it; same world but different life experiences.

1. Natural Remedies – Coconut Oil

Coconuts are not only delicious to eat and drink, they are one of nature’s many gifts to our beauty regimen.

You can use coconut oil to moisturize your hair, body and skin.

It is antimicrobial and antibacterial, which makes oil pulling with coconut oil great for oral health (and it forces you to listen for about 15 minutes.)

Coconut oil also helps digestion, mental performance, and the immune system, so cook with it or use it to make those sweets you crave for.

Just remember: Always use unrefined organic coconut oil if you plan on ingesting the stuff.

2. Natural Remedies – Garlic

This is a miracle cure that tastes great in pasta! Mmmm…

And it helps with so much more.

Garlic can help your cold, your sleep, your blood pressure, your allergies, and it can even repel mosquitos!

With a family from Jamaica, this is one of the top go-to natural remedies.

What I recently learned, and was not so familiar with, was that garlic can also help numb pain from a toothache.

There might not be science backing this one but I have a lot of stories from families and friends that swear by it.

3. Natural Remedies – Lavender

If you do not like the smell, well that is just disappointing because the smell plus its properties make lavender one of my favorite natural remedies!

When I was living in Key West, I mixed it with coconut oil to save myself from the pestering mosquitoes.

It even fended off the plague for the Egyptians back in the day.

Lavender makes this list of natural remedies due to it’s antibacterial properties–

As an oil, it use to promote healing in scars/cuts, plus it’s used for relaxation in aromatherapy.

Talk about useful!

4. Natural Remedies – Sulfur

Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body.

When you think sulfur you might think volcanoes or bad smells.

But organic sulfur is a natural remedy if there ever was one (and I only recently learned the fact that it’s vital to all living things.)

Not only does it keep your body healthy on the inside, sulfur can be beneficial to problem skin in the form of sulfur soap.

It’s a primary ingredient in many modern utilities like insulin, rubber, steel, and insecticides.

But even on its days off working hard in the factory, sulfur can be used to detoxify the body and keep your skin glowing.

5. Natural Remedies – Ginger

I’ve always had a thing for redheads (even if some do consider them to be soulless!)

But this is not only a nickname for the adorable redheads I have been known to obsess over.

One of the most potent natural remedies on this list, ginger is also a cure like no other!

For one, I personally love the taste of ginger, and it always takes away the tummy aches.

This anti-inflammatory herb can help with joint pain, coughs, nausea, arthritis, and more!

This natural cure can also benefit your looks:

Ginger may help with any inflammatory condition, even acne.

So add this to your daily life and start walking more gingerly.

6. Natural Remedies – Hemp

As far as natural remedies go, hemp oil and hemp seeds are a nutritional gift from nature.

The seeds are a beautiful balance of healthy fats, protein, and essential vitamins.

Durable, non-toxic and strong, hemp may one day make an amazing alternative for fuel and building materials.

Of course, when most people think hemp they still think of marijuana first and foremost.

But me?

I just find this plant multi-talented, and I don’t think we should typecast it for it’s most well-known skillset.

7. Natural Remedies – Baking Soda

You might be wondering why baking soda is on a list of natural remedies…

The surprising fact is, baking soda is  just another name for naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate.

Due in no small part to my recent hand injury, I learned from a friend that mixing baking soda with peroxide can help draw out infection.

If you don’t believe me, just try it yourself:

  1. Make a small opening in the infected wound (ouch)
  2. Mix peroxide & baking soda in a bowl
  3. Quickly submerge the infected area for as long as a few minutes depending on how it feels.

8. Natural Remedies – Honey

I saved the best for last as honey is one of my favorite natural remedies of all time!

Honey has several medicinal uses, including wound healing, allergy relief, and soothing a sore throat.

Raw organic honey is perfect in tea, but here’s a tip:

Don’t add honey to boiling tea.

When the water is too hot, it destroys the fragile compounds that can make raw honey so beneficial.

The same goes for the tea I might add!

By overheating your honey, you’ll destroy all the health benefits leaving only simple sugar (not the worst problem, unlike meds with all their small font scary warnings if taken wrong or right.)

Leveraging the powers of honey specifically based on the different types of plants the bees pollinated–

That’s an artful cure if there ever was one.

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