I came across Roxxsaurus’ Trippy Triple Vision Makeup Tutorial earlier this year and set my heart on doing it for Halloween.

What really appealed to me about this look was that it didn’t require a bunch of special effects makeup or prosthetics.

Instead, she made use of bronzers and eyeshadows that most people already have and used them to trick the eye by exaggerating contours and highlights.

All it takes is a steady hand, some knowledge of drawing shadows, and the patience to blend it to perfection.

Fast-forward a few chaotic months later, and let’s just say sometimes I wish I was little less ambitious.

In any case, I promised myself I would do it, and I like to keep my promises to myself.

I started by watching through her Halloween makeup tutorial a few times to get the hang of the idea before trying it out.

Then, with 2 weeks to spare before Halloween, I gave it my first attempt using whatever makeup products I already had laying around.

The result was… surprisingly good if I do say so myself!

Trippy Triple Vision Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I rushed through this (my first attempt, mind you) without the recommended white liquid liner, black pencil liner, or precision brushes.

Not to mention I overused the liquid black liner around the edges, resulting in a sloppy, kind of pop-art look.

It took about 6 hours and the progression looked a little something like this:

3D Halloween Makeup Before & After

But I still think I did well enough to achieve a mind-bending effect thanks to exaggerated contouring, which is what this look is all about.

I went on to practice this Halloween makeup tutorial twice more before the big day:

Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year and I had my eyes on the prize for Most Creative Costume at our company party.

Here’s my second attempt, for which I tested some different products for the initial outlines and the lip color:

Cool Halloween Makeup Tutorials

My third attempt was still experimental, but it was the Saturday before Halloween and so I did plan to take my face out in public for the first time.

It was at this point that I introduced the white liquid eyeliner and some fine tip brushes to achieve a more precise illusion.

Easy Optical Illusion Make-Up

Me and my faces ended up doing our first escape room, and it was SO MUCH FUN BY THE WAY!

Afterwards, we hit the town and my gracious date brought me to Beetle House LA, a Tim Burton-themed bar with more than enough Halloween spirit (as you can surely imagine.)

Beetle House LA Review - Tim Burton Bar

October 31st – Putting My Halloween Makeup To The Test

My favorite holiday finally rolled around, and I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5 AM…

‘Cause by this point, I had my makeup down in about 4 hours.

Even so, it was worth the extra effort because people could NOT keep their eyes off me!

Multiple people told me they ‘didn’t know where to look’ while speaking to me, which I think says I pretty much nailed it.

Trippy Makeup for Halloween Costume

My illusion was complete!

And with just a tiny bit of campaigning around the office and explaining to my colleagues that yes, I did this myself, and it took hours…

I’m proud to share that I did win the prize for Most Creative Costume, accepted my Amazon Gift Card, thanked my constituents, and lived happily ever after.

Trippy Double Vision Make-Up

By the way, here’s the exact tutorial I followed, in case you too would like to delight/nauseate your friends and coworkers! 

You really don’t have to wait for Halloween either, just sayin’.

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