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BootayBag is a simple concept and my review for them will also be straight and to the point.

For only $12 a month you get 2 brand new pairs of panties or thongs automatically delivered in your selected size and style.

It’s official: 

You can get a subscription for anything these days!

Once I got past the initial weirdness of getting my underwear delivered in the mail, I was able to see there are a lot of benefits to using BootayBag:

Variety. After setting some preferences, BootayBag surprises you with a different pair of underwear styles every month.

It’s a great way to explore your personal style and discover your most flattering fit.

Free Delivery. If you were to order two equally priced underwear from a non-subscription retailer, you’d get stuck paying extra shipping costs.

Fundraising.  For every BootayBag selfie you share on social media, the company pledges to donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

Not bad right?

My only complaint with BootayBag is with the sizing:

My dress size is 2 and I wear a size small in Victoria’s Secret thongs, so when I signed up I selected size small.

But when I tried on my Bootay Bag selections, I found them to be a tad bit too snug for my own bootay.

Granted, this is an easy fix–

I’ll simply update my sizing for my following shipment.

Still, I wish there were more precise measurements listed–

Or better yet, a wider range of sizes to accommodate all different types of bodies.

Getting sizing right is an inherent challenge with any online clothing retailer, but it’s especially important when it comes to women’s underwear.

As you may have noticed, this problem has existed since long before we started buying clothes on the internet:

  • Women’s underwear seems designed to be sexy or comfortable, but rarely both.
  • Another problem I’ve observed is sizing in women’s underwear seems to be wildly inconsistent, even within the same brand.
  • And have you noticed the way excessive bows and frills infantilize full-grown women?
  • Meanwhile skin-irritating fabrics like lace are overused in a garment meant to withstand frequent wear.

An underwear subscription delivery service for women is a progressive concept which appeals to the feminist in me, so I remain optimistic.

If BootayBag continues to use their platform to the tackle the ‘intimate’ problems of the millennial woman, they may be able to change the way we shop for underwear entirely.

BootayBag Subscription Review - Black Lace Panties


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