Ilana Wexler outfits have a special place in my heart.

Not everyone knows this about me, but I’m sort of a Broad City megafan.

I’ve watched through the entire Comedy Central series multiple times each, turning on at least a dozen of my friends to the show in the process.

I’m particularly a big fan of standout character Ilana Wexler, played and inspired by real-life comedienne Ilana Glazer.

Ilana’s character demonstrates a wide variety of quirky attributes as a sexually liberated, convivial “broke Jewess” feminist fashionista (and semi-functional marijuana user.)

Though her outfits are rarely commented on in the dialogue throughout the show, her appearance is sometimes the most entertaining part of the whole production.

I thought it would be fun to put together a fashion guide for Ilana Wexler’s iconic style in case you get as inspired by her intriguing fashion statements as I do.

1) Ilana Wexler in Athletic Aesthetic

Broad City - Ilana Glazer - Creation DespiteTaken on it’s own, her activewear-inspired grunge-casual look suggests that Ilana Wexler may not have consulted a mirror before stepping out of her apartment for the adventure of the day.

However, when you’ve watched the Broad City series as frequently and as analytically as I have, you realize that the concept is as stylistically sound as it is character-appropriate.

Check out my own Athletic Fashion Look

2) Ilana Wexler as Tomboy Kween

Broad City - Broad City Style - Creation Despite

This outfit looks like something I would actually wear.

In fact, this general combination of a knotted crop top and combat boots was veritable staple in my college days.

*So* comfortable in the summer heat and still flashing a little waist with what amounts to a dangly bow, it’s tomboy kween greatness.

3) Ilana Wexler in The Broad City Bralette

Broad City Fashion - Ilana Glazer - Creation DespiteBroad City - Broad City Fashion - Creation Despite

Though I recognize the similarities between the Ilana Wexler outfits here and the previous one there is one major difference that I feel deserves mention:

the strappy bralette.

She wears stuff like this all the time throughout the span of the series, and quite frankly, it rocks.

4) Ilana Wexler in Flashy Subconscious

Broad City - Ilana Glazer - Shopping Guide

Alright so technically this look is from Ilana’s daydream (or was it Abbi’s daydream?) so it’s not a conscious part of either characters’ wardrobe…

But I’m including it anyway.

Ilana is hardly recognizable here in a barbie blonde wig, lacy red bra, and white fur coat.

It’s a completely ironic look for her but if we’re being honest with ourselves, the details are on point.

5) Ilana Wexler Dons a White Power-Suit

Broad City - Ilana Glazer - Fashion Guide

Ilana appears to recycle the lacy red bra from#4 to accent, as she frivolously refers to it, her white power-suit.

Cleavage and red lace peeking out of her white pantsuit makes an otherwise sharp, modern women’s pantsuit far from office-appropriate.

The character probably thinks of it as more of a rebellion against patriarchal norms, but the rest of us just think she looked, ahem, white-hot.

6) Ilana Wexler wears Mustard

Broad City - Ilana Wexler - Creation Despite

This is such a cute and casual little thing.

I love the way she wears a white tee shirt with a vintage-looking vest print layered underneath a cardigan.

And the cardigan itself is very cool:

Color-blocked mustard, black, and grey—

A perfect match with high-waisted brown denim shorts.

7) Ilana Wexler Outfits Always  Have Color

Broad City Fashion - Ilana Wexler - Creation Despite

Cute. Comfy. Caj. I’d totally wear this. I’ve definitely worn a very similar get-up (several, let’s be honest.)

I rarely get the chance to experiment with so many layers, but when I do, I’m pretty enthusiastic about it too.

Just another reason to love Ilana Wexler and all her entertaining outfits.

8) Ilana Wexler Enjoys the Nightlife

Broad City Style - Ilana Wexler - Creation Despite

We don’t usually get to see this side of the gals on Broad City—

Abby and Ilana aren’t exactly party girls.

But when you really look at it, Ilana’s look here is just made up of a combination of key basics and statement hairstyling.

The girl keeps it simple and still knocks it out of the park.

9)   Ilana Wexler Rocks an Androgynous Tux

Broad City - Ilana Glazer - Caitlyn Rose

To be fair, this outfit was not chosen by the character as a deliberate fashion statement.

Due to a classic Ilana Wexler outfit mix-up, she ends up wearing her old catering uniform to a friend’s wedding.

And yet, with her hair pinned in an effortless up-do, she looks quite fashionable to me.

10) Ilana Wexler is the Millennial Woman in All of Us

Broad City - Ilana Glazer - Millennial Fashion

So I had to save the best for last.

I frickin’ love this two-piece cocktail dress she wears to a fancy restaurant for Abbi’s 26th birthday supper.

The top looks like it has a lot of support, and the gold studded design is extremely figure-flattering.

It really is such an iconic twenty-tens millennial cocktail outfit.

What I love most about this selection of Ilana Wexler outfits is how she truly dresses to her mood.

She isn’t afraid to experiment with her personal style and to try new trends on a regular basis, but she also knows how to clean up nice for a classy evening–

Even if it doesn’t last the whole night.

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