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Dark Beauty Photography by Alexander Hoggard

You’ve come to the right place for wordplay and black hat tricks.

Relax your bruised eyes and cracked lips.

You might’ve looked nice in winter white, but you’d be warmer in a black overcoat.

Dressed to the nines down by the mall, like a 15-year-old me.

It was just what you did at that age.

We’d window shop for hours…

Smoking & smiling, gossiping & shoplifting….

And hiking up fishnet stockings every step of the way.

But now?

You won’t catch me wandering around in a mall.

It’s kind of sad because they are dying, and the mallrat is going the same way.

It is the bittersweet end of an era of teenage American counter-culture.

But the death of the mall feeds a world of possibilities for fashion in technology

And God only knows what else.

For the first time in history, platforms of influence, economy, and communication are easily accessible despite demographics or social class…

A powerful voice and a double-blind pedestal for any soul willing to put in the work.

Funny how things change, but they life comes full circle.

Like me 10 years later, still overdressed for the mall and obsessing about how cool the internet is.

Black Hat Fashion Picks

  • Black Wool Coat via BB Dakota (similar)
  • Black Wide-Brimmed Hat via Heavenly Couture (similar)
  • Black Leotard via Love Culture (similar)
  • OTK Leather Boots via bed|stu
  • High-Waisted Denim via Macy’s (similar)

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