Welcome to my house of pain.

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I can’t stop projecting, rejecting, expecting –

I keep not believing, grieving, dry heaving –

Even if I was the problem all along,

Could anyone stop me and tell me I’m wrong?

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I’m seduced by an old self: a mean girl with shit jokes, relationship-adverse, with just enough money to start a too-deep fashion blog.

Found myself there down deep in lonely.

And once again, I find myself drawing strength from new wounds

To weather the storm and repel the rain.

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The new me is the old me, legs stronger, mind wiser, remembering again a few old lessons:

That money’s made for spending and vodka’s made for drinking.

That loneliness is the pinnacle

‘Cause sweetheart, there’s no one outside yourself that can help you live up to your own expectations.

And that everything I’ve learned about life can be summed up into three words:

It goes on.

Fashion Photography by Ernie Rivas | Makeup & Styling by Susana Salazar

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