For me, denim jeans with no stretch are a no-go.

Ankle boots tend to make my legs look short.

And body-con skirts aren’t doing me any favors—

It’s all true.

That’s OK though because fashion gives us a lot of options, like the high-waisted shorts trend.

I count myself lucky that high-waisted shorts are back in style and they look like they’re here to stay.

Get ready for more thrifting blogs, cause I’m finding some great thrift store fashion in LA.

Girls with my body shape can wear the hell out of high-waisted shorts–

And it’s because this is one trend that actually works better for our body type than for any other.

After all, the reason that runway fashion models are so tall and gangly is because their body type is the most versatile when it comes to unforgiving trends (like these.)

For the rest of us mere mortals, the key to dressing well and developing a unique sense of style is first knowing your body type.

High-waisted shorts (and skirts and pants for that matter) break up the outfit at the waist, which for me is the narrowest part of my torso.

This draws the eye to that point and suggests a slimmer figure than, say, a baggy t-shirt.

With high-waisted shorts in particular, I also get to show a lot of leg which is a huge plus—

Now I look taller too!

I was in a rush to try on these cute khaki high-waisted shorts as soon as I found them at the thrift store.

I have a few other high-waisted shorts but it’s not always easy to find a pair that fit my small waist and my not-so-small backside.

It’s a luck of the draw, especially when thrifting.

But I lucked out:

They’re comfortable and durable with a nice stretch.

I also thought the neutral color would be fun to work with, so I decided to throw together a few outfits to demonstrate the versatility of khaki high-waisted shorts.

specs and the city

Guide to Wearing High-Waisted Shorts | Thrift Haul
American Apparel Crop Top

Black Ankle Boots

Limited Edition Denim Crossbody c/o Kipling

Reflective Blue Lennon Sunglasses


How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts | Thrift Haul

Terribly Odd Blackout Edition Crap Life Tee

Michael Kors Black Chunky Heel

Heavenly Couture Black Brimmed Hat

Foster Grant Reflective Pink Sunglasses

crochet beach day

Ways to Style High-Waisted Shorts | Thrift Haul

Blossom Crochet Bikini Top

Great Bag Co. Model M in Diamond

Chinese Laundry Knee-High Gladiator Heels


late to class

Ways to Wear High-Waisted Shorts | Thrift Haul

Unbound 3D-Printed Venus Necklace

Black Lace Bralette

Dickies Fuchsia Backpack

Strappy Gladiator Sandals

Reflective Yellow Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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    1. Thank you! I only wish there were more occasions to wear a crochet halter top. As of now, I’m saving it for Malibu 😉

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