Editorial – Streaming Consciousness

Blogging can be uncomfortable you know…

Competing in a creative offshoot of tech, where your craft will be forever at odds with search engine optimization best practices.

Like trying to settle a growing void.

Controlling the great uncontrollable.

Feeling out loud.

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Something beautiful is happening in the blogosphere.

After all, what good is a great piece of content if the world doesn’t get to see it?

Self-publishing is a profound change in the way you can interact with the world, with ever-increasing control over the message.

On the flip side, it’s exciting to realize that our collective human consciousness is being indexed for the first time in history.

I find myself often trying to boil down my most complex problems to a single long-tail keyword phrase.

Like I could find some profound, worldly insight on the SERP that would change everything– if I could only enter just the right Google search query.

I wonder what 2017 holds for technology and the humans that use it.

Is this is the future we were promised?

“You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.”

I wish it felt like the freedom it was intended to be, and not overwhelming expectation.

It would seem to be wasted on me… I never aspired to people-pleasing.

I’m free enough and smart enough to do more:

Write a novel, become a lawyer/doctor, and decorate my life with endless achievements.

Yet I’m still hooked on playing this game, seduced by so many “what ifs” and “maybes.”


Dark Photography courtesy of Alexander Hoggard

Fashion Inspo – What I’m Wearing:

Deconstructed White Boyfriend Jeans | similar

Black Lace Bralette | similar

White Cateye Sunglasses

Pink Wig with Bangs

Nude Block Heel Sandals