Have you been keeping up with your Los Angeles blogs?

New York and Paris may be the fashion capitals of the world, but the LA bloggers of 2018 are crushing it.

These ladies who come from all walks of life have one thing in common, they adore fashion in all forms.

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Let’s explore the top 10 Los Angeles fashion bloggers who are set to introduce us to the latest and greatest in fashion for 2018.

Best Los Angeles Blogs in 2018

#10: The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni launched The Blonde Salad in 2009 to showcase her love of fashion, beauty, and style.

As the creative director of her namesake line of Italian shoes, her fashion knowledge and credentials are off the charts.

She was even recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential fashion personalities worldwide with her LA fashion blog being the main reason.

#9: Love & Loathing Los Angeles

For Los Angeles blogs, it does’t get any better than this one started by Caroline Juen (pronounced “June”) in 2013.

As a self-described ice cream lover and unofficial Queen of LA is always at the forefront of fashion trends.

Her blog is not only fashion based but a winning combination of food, fun, and lifestyle trends.

Don’t miss her lists that highlight things like, “51 Places To Shop In LA” which highlights all the best insider boutiques in Cali to get clothes, vintage home goods, and offbeat pieces that will make you the envy of all your friends.

#8: The LA Native

 The LA Native started out as a Los Angeles fashion blog, but Naz Ramezani routinely updates her Instagram more often than her webpage.

With 17,000 followers, her posts are mainly of gorgeous shots of herself in various places around LA.

Artful and fun, her beauty shines through with each influencer post.

#7: Emilee Ann Miller

Emilee Ann Miller is a small town girl turned worldly LA model.

Her namesake webpage is mostly her stunning portfolio shots and a “journal” of her thoughts.

Don’t miss her video vlog on “Basic Model Essentials” because it’s highly entertaining and fun.  

#6: Song Of Style

Aimee Song started Song Of Style and it’s this fashion blogger and interior designers pet project.

She considered herself a “YouTuber”, with a channel that boasts more than 237,000 subscribers.

Check out her vlog on “Paris Couture Week” with an extremely hilarious story about a Parisian Uber driver.

#5: Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely is the beauty and brains behind Fashion Toast.

She also has her own ultra-trendy fashion line called Are You Am I.

With over 700,000 Instagram followers, the posts are mainly of her showcasing her fashion line in skimpy outfits, but fashion-forward outfits.

#4: Wendy’s Look Book

Wendy Nguyen runs her site, Wendy’s Look Book, she says because of her addiction to fashion.

She also has her own YouTube channel with 664,000 subscribers.

Check out her most popular post, which has been viewed over 41 million times, on “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes.” It’s so cool!

#3: Stuff She Likes

Stuff She Likes is a fashion, food, and beauty blog created by Taye Hansberry.

She’s an LA-based actress, who with over 200,000 Instagram followers, is a keen observer of trends that will spark your interest.

As a Los Angeles lifestyle blog, check out her latest post, “How To Create The Perfect California Layers.”

This blog will take your outfits up a notch with her expert advice.

#2: Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is Julie Serinana’s fashion blog that she started in 2009.

Her Instagram has a whopping 4.7 million followers, so clearly Julie knows her fashion stuff.

Her travels take her all over the world, but her section on “Latest Thing” details the trends you are going to want to go all in on.

With a stellar eye for gorgeous items in everything from beauty to bags and jewelry, you’ll love seeing what Jules is up to next.

#1: Creation Despite

The number one on our list is, of course, Caitlyn Rose of Creation Despite.

This is a fashion, beauty, and tech blog that stands out in spades.

Hailing from Miami, Caitlyn landed in LA to pursue her fashion dreams of starting her own off-brand fashion line and mobile app.

Her posts are engaging and fun with an Instagram following of almost 50,000, this ultimate cool girl knows how to give good fashion inspiration.

Who will be the top Los Angeles Bloggers next year?

The fashion blogging niche may have grown and changed over the years with websites leading the way to successful social media pages and YouTube channels to get more followers (to direct back into the online blog!)

A fashion blog is the cool thing to do now that people realize there are actual profits to be made, so this list is likely to shift and change as often as month to month.

Whatever the delivery method, these influencers are set to become a major force in the world of beauty and fashion throughout 2018 and beyond.