Margot Tenenbaum Vibes Fashion Inspo

Now firmly planted in my mid-twenties, I waver on my principles less and follow my heart first. I never cared for politics. And I’m not alone. There’s a paradigm-shift happening throughout Generation Z. The price of progress is often growing pains. We want meaning, growth and gratification for our work or, better yet, as our work. Easier said than done… & not everyone’s cup of cappuccino, I guess you could say I’m putting out Margot Tenenbaum Vibes.

Cognac and Pink Outfit | Creation DespiteVintage Fur Coat | Creation Despite Floral Summer Dresses | Creation Despite Faux Fur Lapel | Creation Despite

Margot Tenenbaum Vibes | Creation DespiteFaux Fur-cuffed Jacket | Creation Despite

Gladiator Sandals Block Heel | Creation Despite Vintage Faux Fur Jacket | Creation Despite Repurposed Faux Fur Coat | Creation Despite Vintage Lapel Jacket | Creation DespitePink and White Floral Print Dress | Creation DespitePastel Blonde Hair | Creation Despite

Photos by Genstreetstyle

Wearing : Cache Vintage Faux Fur Coat (similar) | Pink and White Floral Pattern Sun Dress (similar) | Chinese Laundry Knee-High Gladiator Sandal (similar)

From soft frown to faux fur, today’s look is subtly influenced by the morose and melancholy Margot Tenenbaum from 2001 cult-classic The Royal Tenenbaums. This outfit is a fun example of the way I like to mix second-hand vintage alongside newer trends.

  • The vintage faux fur jacket is a keepsake from my visit to my boyfriend’s family’s house, when I failed to pack properly for autumn in Los Angeles.
  • My pink floral sun dress was a lucky score at a friend’s clothing swap about a year ago (we’re about ready for another clothing swap aren’t we?)
  • And lastly my knee-high gladiator sandals are newer, bought online about a year ago.

Margot would have certainly worn a striped dress, not a floral print dress, and it feels a little weird to be pairing it with a fur coat, but you never really know what the weather will be like where you’re headed, now do you?


The News

Speaking of where I’m headed, now is as good a time as any to announce a  big transition coming up in my life. On June 1st, I’m moving across the country to Los Angeles with my boyfriend (and my cat) to chase the digital fashion dream.

What’s Next?

While I haven’t quite figured out what the next step is for me career-wise, I’ll be investigating any and all opportunities that cross my path. In the meantime, since people ask for style advice all the time, I have a new little project I’m working on to help you revamp your style with only small tweaks to your existing wardrobe: Just click here to subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get instant access to download my free PDF with 10 Easy Steps for Total Wardrobe Revamp.