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Could I be any more hipster these days?

I mean, this is perhaps the most Valley fashion blog I’ve ever shared.

The images have a delightfully ‘gritty’ quality, as the photographer described it.


I love the contrast of a whirlwind color set against the deep black night.

The neon lighting, the hard shadows, and the variety of textures…

It all tells the story of wasted youth. My story.

Your story.

All of our stories, if we’re being honest.

Meanwhile, the vintage necklace is telling the tale of my own grandmother, it’s original owner.

I wonder how she used to wear this necklace, and how she might style it now.

There’s a special kind of style that you have when you mix vintage with current trends…

If I’m a hipster, then so be it.

But I’m so happy I finally got to shoot this baby pink bomber from Fashion Nova.

It’s kind of special because we bought it on a Sunday morning after sleeping in and schlepping to the mall to have a lazy brunch (as we are wont to do.)

And well, I normally do all my shopping online.

Plus, I’ve always felt that the happy memories attached to your favorite clothing pieces enhance your overall style.

This is the only thing I own from Fashion Nova, and I’m pretty happy with it, for the price.

It was only $20, the material is thin and light, which doesn’t really do much to keep you warm, though it does look appealing.

Plus I do really love the tiger embroidery detail on either side! It’s not particularly impressive craftsmanship, but it’s clearly a tiger.

At $20, the Out in the Wild jacket is a bargain, which probably explains how it found it’s way to me.

I’m actually looking forward to wearing it more in the Spring and Summer months layered over crop tops and other unmentionables.

Can you see it too?

Fashion Nova - Schoolgirl Swag - Pink Bomber Jacket Hipster Goth Style - LA Bloggers - Creation DespiteFashion Nova Out in the Wild - Neon Lights Gypsy Warrior - Schoolgirl Swag - Creation Despite Pink Neon Light - Nu Goth Style - Creation DespiteNu Goth - Boho Fashion - Pink Bomber Jacket

Nu Goth Outfit Inspiration:

‘Out in the Wild’ Pink Jacket – Fashion Nova (similar)

Addams Dress via Gypsy Warrior (similar)

Black Hat – Heavenly Couture (similar)

Black Choker Bodysuit – Love Culture (similar)

Photography by Alexander Hoggard


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