So you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry, I am too!

But I won’t be laying around, reveling in my self-pity… unless I’m laying around to indulge the feeling of rose petals and lingerie on my skin.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might be wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

Even if you’re single on Valentine’s day every year, it’s still awkward.

It seems like ‘celebrating’ of this holiday starts sooner and sooner each year – I saw decorations in some stores just after New Years – and the pressure to feel romantic starts along with it.

Here’s how I suggest you rock Singles Awareness Day without missing a beat – scroll down to read more:

Valentine's Day When Your Single Stuff To Do On Valentine's Day What To Do On Valentine's Day When You're Single Single on Valentine's Day

Photos by Alex Calderon – HMUA Styling by Jenn Newman

How To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

Get Up Early

Your instinct might be to hit the snooze on your alarm and avoid starting your day, but you’re not gonna do that.

Today is for lovers, and you are practicing self-love, so touch yourself tenderly and get the fuck up – we’re going to the gym loser.

Go To The Gym

You thought I was kidding?

Starting your day at the gym is a surefire way to ensure you exude confidence and feel fantastic all day long.

Groom & Self-Decorate

Do your hair, makeup, and shave your legs.

If you’re a guy, do your manscaping or whatever it is you do when you think you’re getting laid that night.

After all, it could happen.

Buy Yourself Flowers

No one needs to know you bought them for yourself.

If you want to be really extra, order flowers to be delivered at class or at your job so other people see.

Lie about who they’re from, or be totally honest about loving on yourself for the day – your call babe.

Don’t Eat The Candy

People in relationships get fat because they get comfortable and stop exercising self-discipline (and often plain old physical exercise.)

Just remember:

V Day candy is for fat people in relationships, not for you!

Instead, have your favorite healthy treat:

For me that’s usually some mix of peanut butter, berries, and bananas.

Don’t Text Your Ex

I repeat:

Don’t text your ex.

Best case scenario, they want to ‘hook up’ and definitely NOT rekindle the love you thought you had.

Worst case scenario, they’re celebrating with their new Valentine (how dare they be happy?!)

Sorry friends, the truth hurts, so spare yourself the torture and maintain your dignity.

Treat Yo’ Self

You don’t have an ‘other half’ but you can still do nice things for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, nor should it be self-destructive.

Just take that extra time to do something that makes you feel great.

Maybe use a face mask, get a massage, or do some yoga to unwind.

Hell, even bingeing on your favorite Netflix series is fair game today, as long as you’re enjoying yourself!