For myself, I imagine summer fashion looking like sheer fabrics, negligee layered under loungewear, strappy shoes, bougie sunglasses…

And maybe some mixers with the other LA fashion bloggers?!

I can already spot the essential fashion and beauty trends poised to dominate our lives this summer.

My Predictions for the Hottest Summer Fashion Trends in 2017

Wherever you go this summer, online or abroad, keep an eye out for this mixed medley of inventive and versatile trends.

Millennial Pink & Earth Tones

As other color trends shift and change, we’re seeing millennial pink and rose gold as strong as ever in the summer of 2017.
Millennial Pink Scalloped Edge Blouse
Other pastel shades are having a moment too, as commented on by popular style blogger Safina Nygaard:

Meanwhile, black is strong with the summer goth, and classics like white, red, and yellow are still very safe options.

One interesting development?

I don’t know why but all of the sudden I’m seeing rich hunter greens and olives as color options at my favorite online clothes shopping outlets.

Stella Mccartney Olive Wool Bustier

They also appear to be selling out faster than the other colors, at least based on what I’ve noticed.

I’m not mad though as there are plenty of options and I am loving the way my platinum hair pops against earth tones and neutrals.


Come to think of it, I see this everywhere all year round.

Whenever I go to the gym, I see women finish their workout, clean up, and change into a clean outfit of matching athletic clothes.

As though fitness leggings, sneakers, and racerback tanks make up their whole wardrobe…

I guess it’s not that weird, but it’s distinctive enough that I’m calling this summer fashion trend what it is.

Long live leggings-as-pants and long-sleeve crop tops.

Speaking of which…

Long-Sleeved Crop Tops

Is she hot or is she cold?

You’ll never know for sure if she’s wearing a long-sleeved crop top!

All jokes aside, I love this as a somewhat more modest take on the classic crop top.

You can even achieve an extra sporty/grunge style with thumb holes in the sleeve – it’s a vibe.

Crew Socks & Skater Shoes

Leave your over-the-knee socks at home, ’cause crew socks paired with sneakers are the next hot thing!

When strappy sandals and flip flops don’t suit the occasion, Vans are my casual summer shoe alternative.

For one, this is the perfect sock and footwear combination for long-boarding along the boardwalk or riding bikes with friends  this summer.

A small ode to androgynous fashion, you can get skater-style crew socks with a little floral print like I did to keep the details on point.

Otherwise, feel free to venture into other colors and prints and just have fun with it!

Kimonos & Shawls

Long, short, sheer, and everything in between!

Festival fashion has re-popularized kimonos as sort of cover-up garments meant to be layered over more intimate pieces.

During the warm months, I’d personally keep it short and sheer with bare legs on display.

However, a longer and heavier knit kimono can be a great transitional fashion piece as we move into fall.

A Summer of 70’s Fashion

So in case you haven’t noticed there is like a HUGE 70’s revival happening in fashion right now and it’s pretty amazing.

Prepare for a vintage summer of love, festival fashion, and rebellious feminist silhouettes.

Wide Leg Dress Pants

Wide leg pants are going to be everywhere this summer and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Wide Leg Pants Summer Style Loreal LA

Echoing of the styles of second-wave feminism in the 60’s and 70’s, wide leg trousers are a direct rebuttal to the intense influence of the male gaze on women’s fashion in the 50’s.

Foregoing a skirt for pants, traditionally reserved for men, made for a bold statement in those days.

Cropped at the waistline, wide leg dress pants are a garment that flatters the natural feminine silhouette without sexualizing a woman’s body.

So I ask:

What’s NOT to like about the wide leg pants trend?

It makes short legs appear longer, it highlights a narrow waist, and it lends itself to a real boss-lady look.

Whether you try on a pair of 70’s-inspired flared denim, culottes, or palazzo pants, you’re sure to fall in love with a pair of wide leg pants this summer too.

70’s Summer Bell Sleeves

Bells sleeves are hot too, thanks to the partial 70’s revival we’re seeing in summer festival fashion.

I haven’t got any in my closet but I’ve been eyeing some of these bell sleeve dresses and tops:

Colored Lens Sunglasses

Specifically, giant circular flower child sunnies a la the 60’s.

Summer Fashion Trend: Colored Sunglasses

You can get a pair of these statement sunglasses anywhere these days.

Summer Hair & Beauty Trends

Platinum & Pastel Hair

Ok, so maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m seeing platinum blonde hair and pastel tones everywhere!

Modern beauty technology has made it easier than ever to have and maintain bleached blonde hair and edgy fashion girls everywhere are taking advantage.

The market has responded with interesting new hair coloring products that work best on ultra lightened hair, like Loreal’s new semi permanent pink tint as demonstrated by Sahara Ray.

I kinda want to try this for myself but my hair absorbs color so unpredictably…

It’s probably best to just stick with my Winsome & Wisdom Purple Shampoo for the time being.

Summer Technology Trends


Just when you think technology has reached it’s limit to affect your daily life, a whole new category emerges.

Fashion technology, is the fast-growing market for products that bring practicality and added function to the garments we wear.

Popular fashiontech includes fitness wearables like the Misfit Shine 2 or the Apple Watch, as well as hands-free wearables like Snapchat Specs and Google Glass.Summer Fashion Wearables - Misfit Shine 2

Summer fashion trends always favor the hand-free tech-cessories for obvious reasons: summer activities typically involve outdoor activities.

Some wearables, like the Misfit Shine 2 are even waterproof so you can wear your smart watch non-stop.

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