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If I’m being perfectly honest, I only invoke the beanie on particularly bad hair days. This occasion was no exception: with overgrown roots and an unreasonably strong ocean breeze, I donned the only beanie I’ve ever owned and tried to make it work.

Z&L Europe Party Pants - Creation Despite - Miami BloggerZ&L Europe Hippie Pants - Creation Despite - Miami Blogger

Z&L Boho Pastel - Creation Despite - Miami Blogger Z&L Europe Party Pants - Caitlyn Rose - Miami Blogger

I don’t know whether or not I succeeded, but I found the clash of harsh black and pastel printed hippie pants wildly entertaining, if not stylish. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. For the record, I acquired these pants totally by happenstance and wore them for the first time for this shoot.

I suppose it’s safe to say I’ve made a reputation for myself as the fashion gal around the office; when a start-up at the Miami Entrepreneurship Center left behind these cool hippie pants, they found their way to me! Something I learned since I started blogging is that following your passion can allow you to manifest more of the things you love.

I like the flowy fabric and the skirt-like silhouette created by wide-cut pant legs, but I’ll be damned if this color palette doesn’t challenge me. Prepare for these pants make another appearance as I find a way to make them chic… maybe. I don’t know, are these pants a lost cause or is there hope for them yet? Let me know in the comments section whether or not I should take them out of rotation— I can’t decide!

Wearing: Z&L Party Pants | American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top | Halogen Slouchy Cashmere Beanie

Photos by Cynthia Ottuso


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