Surrounded with serenity, I’m still so stressed out even my denim is frayed.

Welcome to Zen In The Bu2 that is.

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Although I tried to plan every detail of my first trip to Europe, life laughed right in my face.

A Category 5 Hurricane Irma locked in on Miami on the same date I was scheduled to meet up with my travel buddies and fly out of MIA.

In the days leading up to the hurricane I was a bundle of raw nerves and anxieties, which is why when Derma E’s Zen In The Bu 2 retreat rolled around, I knew I couldn’t miss it!

Like last year’s event with Derma E, this was a lavish celebration of nature, peace, purity, and beauty.

Zen In The Bu 2 – Derma E Activities

Some of the activities included hair braiding (like my dual french braids by Sarah Camaret), henna tattooing, guided meditations, yoga on the roof, psychic readings, fully vegan lunch & dinner catering, cupping massages on the balcony courtesy of April Demars, and totally organic Derma E facials of course!

I mean, after being thoroughly spoiled by Derma E’s events twice now, I have to wonder when they’re gonna go ahead and just open their own health spa. πŸ™‚

The Do Nothing Approach

Ultimately, I found the best course of action in dealing with uncertainty is the aptly named ‘do nothing approach,’ which I demonstrated by doing absolutely nothing poolside at this Malibu mansion.

There was nothing I could do anyway.

Continuing to plan our vacation without adequate details would only result in further losses for non-refundable train tickets, Airbnb bookings, and other time-sensitive details.

So, am I pleased with the way things are playing out?

Not really.

But am I getting my ass on a plane to Paris tonight?


Video from Derma E Zen In The Bu 2

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