Modern Poetry - Tiffany Boola

It began when I started remembering who I am.

Waking up after a long sleep.

Unable to differentiate from the dreams and nightmares.

What was real and what picassoed the fake.

My senses are on their tiptoes.

They have forgotten how to stand and plant their feet.

Trying to regain stability.

Feel. Everything.


It does not matter what is real.

It matters what is real to me.

So I repeat my name in the mirror.

I hear the tremors in my voice.

I make kiss and touch promises to myself –

To never stop loving me again.

My deep breaths finally accept life.

Inhaling the energy that will drive my passion.

I’ll exhale and purge the pains.

Appreciating and understanding what they offered.

Finally, I will tackle the Rubix cube they call my mind.

The pattern is there. I will love in a different way.

I will finally give my thoughts a break.

Open and transform our unhealthy obsessive relationship with one another.

Share my love with this new found Life and Self.

Buzzing inside while vibrating the outside-

Communicating with the universe.

Letting go of obsessions…the mind…the guilt…

The Unlife clinging with criminal claws.

Soon to be faded scars and lessons on my arms.

That I will use to wrap around others and spiritually euthanize the darkness,

In those who willingly open up their veins.

With Resilience reaching out for the the Words that once awakened me.

Whispers at first, then Bursts.


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