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Got brunch plans this weekend?

Where to begin with Leo & Lily…

Daniel did a Google search for “brunch near me”—

And the rest is history!

We’ve been living in Los Angeles around 9 months now, and we’re slowly exploring the surrounding Valley.

As experienced brunch aficianados, we’ve developed refined taste when it comes to french toast, pancakes, cappuccino, and the like.

I’ll tell you this:

Leo & Lily does not disappoint.

When we go, there’s almost always a wait, which is a sure indicator that the food is worth waiting for.

Perhaps the most impressive dish on the brunch menu, the Avocado toast pictured above is literally everything.

Holy shit…

You have not had avocado toast until you’ve had avocado toast from Leo & Lily!

Not only does it come with a perfectly poached egg on top, but it’s made with freshly mashed perfectly-ripened avocados!

You can tell from the chunks of avocado that it didn’t come from a jar.

We get the avocado toast to share every time we go, but other than that…

We like to switch it up.

The Left Coast Breakfast Sandwich (pictured above) is sure to satisfy your Sunday morning hunger, as is any number of expertly-made omelettes and egg sandwiches.

For those that find themselves anywhere near Woodland Hills and are looking for a delicious new brunch spot, look no further than Leo & Lily.

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