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Any photographer knows that the right light can make or break the picture.

Outside of the studio, it’s nearly impossible to stay in control of focus, color, & bounce lighting–

Especially when you throw unexpected environmental changes into the mix.

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– Photos by  Sweet California Light –

I don’t really call myself a photographer, but I’ve always loved pictures; the way they create memories and capture feelings, the way they allow for an uninterrupted stare into the the frozen eyes of the subjects.

What’s more, I love to be the one to take a flattering photo of someone.

There’s a sense of pride knowing you were the one to take a picture that the subject really likes.

There is a photographer inside me, even if I don’t cultivate the interest seriously right now.

I know I’ll get a camera again one day and I look forward to the day I can continue to pursue that craft.

For now I’m content with blogging, building my business skills, and collaborating with some of my favorite photographers.

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Speaking of some of my favorite photographers, you may have noticed I’ve posted a few looks by Kevin Weinert of Sweet California Light Photography.

Kevin Weinert is the first Los Angeles photographer I’ve worked with since moving out West, but the funny thing is we actually met years ago in Orlando.

Back then, moving to LA was just a pipe dream for me.

I was attending college at University of Central Florida, and Kevin was a traveling engineer moonlighting as a photographer.

Busy guy, amiright?

Anyway, we’d collaborated on some shadowy Lucima-esque photos in the studio and discovered we had great working chemistry.

We were both eager to reconnect and share our sharpened skills.

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Soon after I settled in to my new home, we put together a day-long shoot at the Kinzie House where I was staying.

Shot some pre-planned looks during the day light, but as the light started to change we had to think fast.

They call it  “the golden hour” or “the magic hour,” but between an outfit change and finding the right pose, it was really more like 45 minutes.

We’d get about 15 minutes of golden sunset light, then perhaps another half an hour before it got too dark to shoot outside.

Then I remembered.

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The laundry room had a West-facing window that flooded with warm and moody light at sunset!

Long story short, I end up perched on the dryer in strange, spontaneous fashion, and Kevin (bless his heart) didn’t miss a beat.

I like to plan and I think it’s very important for some aspects of life, but I’ve seen first hand that some things are better left unplanned.

Namely the arts.

This was just one of those instances where the light that happened to us was more gorgeous than any we could have spent time calculating.

– Photos by  Sweet California Light –

Impromptu photoshoot fashion inspiration:

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