Front Porch Cafe

Z Ocean Hotel

The Z Ocean Hotel itself looks like a pretty cool honeymoon destination, but the brunch and breakfast menu at their restaurant is outstanding.

We actually LOVE the Front Porch Cafe, but there’s usually a long wait for prime time brunch, so we don’t make it over there much.

Still, the wait time at the Front Porch Cafe should be seen as a testament to how popular this spot really is.

Front Porch Cafe - Z Ocean Hotel - Creation Despite - Miami Blogger

Another killer French Toast option on the Beach. Clockwise from top left: Orange Zest French Toast, side of tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs, and extra-extra bacon.


By now you can see that we are french toast connoisseurs!

The Orange Zest French Toast here is tremendous, second only to the Crunchy Mexican Spiced French Toast at the Matador Room.

The orange zest adds subtle flavor, without overpowering the cinnamon…

I really like the unlikely flavor combination.

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