Caitlyn Rose Of Creation Despite Acting And Voiceover Talent

‘Cause y’all know I eat, sleep, and breathe branding… I’m so excited to finally share the Johnnie Walker spec ad I worked on with up-and-coming Miami production powerhouse Luminary Visuals.

Be your own brand Johnnie Walker spec ad Luminary VisualsAs a freelance model since 2009, I have plenty of experience evoking emotion and contorting my body for the best possible still-frame capture. Admittedly, I haven’t done much to pursue acting… but I have always been open to any new chance to expand my skills and develop my talents. A lifelong appreciation for cartoons had me interested in voice-acting for a long time too, but I was puzzled as to how to get my start. Imagine my delight when I was contacted to participate on a project that would allow me to try my hand at both! And with such a high-quality team– how ever did I get so lucky?

Caitlyn Rose and actress Elsie Gattas chatting Johnnie Walker spec ad Luminary Visuals.

It was a real treat to meet and work with skilled co-actress Elsie Gattas. Her talent is undeniable!

Actress Elsie Gattas smirk Luminary Visuals Johnnie Walker spec ad

The three-headed team that makes up Luminary Visuals demonstrate a great deal of professionalism on set and in post. I witnessed firsthand as they overcame unforeseeable environmental, technical, and creative challenges with grace and positivity. From the script-writing, to audio quality, to scene composition, every detail of this project was painstakingly thought out and prepared for. And let’s not forget the star of the show, actor Lee Dahlberg; though I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him personally, he really made a fantastic Johnnie Walker.

Without further ado, check out the full-length finished ad below and be sure to like on Vimeo:

Johnnie Walker: “Be Your Own Brand.” by Luminary Visuals

Be your own brand Johnnie Walker spec ad luminary visuals

And remember… Keep Walking!

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